Friday, February 18, 2011

Vintage Fair Septfonds France

Well Sunday was a great day as I managed to snatch a couple of hours with my daughter without the little ones, ( I dooo love the little ones but it's good to get your daughter all to yourself for awhile) so off we went to search out a village we had not been to before called Septfonds. Not only did we find the village but they had a vintage fair on into the bargain. Talk about luck, so we spent a good couple of hours having a good old browse and here are a few of our favourite finds and no surprises that buttons were amongst them.

Terri bought some vintage magazines with amazing dress styles. A woman was selling stunning handmade  patchwork quilt  bags.
Could not resist the two brass kittens and as for the box I had to know what was inside, and well I have never seen a sewing kit like this before. A box within a box and then another tiny box which would hold a thimble with a cute little jade green button on the top, looks handmade and beautifully finished, not used much by the look of it, mind you I dont think I will use it either but at least I have the choice now.

And finally I got these two gorgeous  buttons and they are now Vintage Button rings are you surprised?


UniquelyYours said...

Very interesting read and great finds. Am following you now too. Linda

Krishenka said...

Thank you Linda always fun to find a few bits and bobs

Olivia Jayne said...

Krishenka, I too love vintage buttons and I am very partial to some costume jewelry - needless to say I ADORE your vintage button rings - what a fabulous way to customize! Very inspiring blog :)


Krishenka said...

Thanks Olivia will pop over and say hello soon

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