Monday, February 7, 2011

Catching a Little Sun in Ainsa

Just under 4 hours drive from here in the Tarn took us to glorious sunshine and a fabulous  romanesque village in Spain called Ainsa, walk up to the  ancient Plaza Mayor where the medival streets will engulf you straight into that historic period of the 16th Century.

A superb restaurant in the square called Callizo and we were really looking forward to eating there again, we had called to reserve a table but had not understood the recorded message telling us it was closed till March :( oh well another great excuse to go back again and perhaps learn some Spainsh!

By sheer chance the following day happened to be the 1st Sunday in Feb and  a fiesta was in preparation,  a full day ahead lay in store from watching all the cattle, goats, dogs,chickens to name a few  being  paraded and judged very seriously as to which was the best of breeds.

Lots of wonderful cakes, cheese, hams and oh the breads, the aromas were abundant and  I  found myself constantly hungry. 
Gorgeous little elf shoes for sale and if you happened to be a biker looking for a break then this looked like a good place to THAKE it.

Truffles galore and at prices that were sending some people into some sort of heaven. I saw them priced from €22 to €83. I have never eaten truffles so no idea what is so exciting about them, do tell !!!

Fires were lit and mountains of sausages were being grilled, the wine started to flow and in my case all down my neck, the Spanish make this drinking from the long necked jugs easy ha well practice makes perfect! All I can say is that I am glad this picture of me attempting to drink is blurry.

Did manage to go for a few good walks just so you know it's not all about drinking! Salud
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