Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brazilian Carnival in Gaillac

Despite the rain we decided to head for the carnival held in Gaillac and the theme this year was Brazil. 
Well the rain fell steadily and hats of to the bands and dancers, they all kept there heads up and carried on regardless. Lots of various bands with their music sheets slowly curling and a few off notes could be heard and totally forgiven. 

Dancers with their bare midriffs  where goosebumps were noticable from 20 yards kept on dancing and not one of them fell of their platform shoes.

Just had to show you this fabulous door which is in the old part of Gaillac and I am sorry to say I don't know it's history but what a stunning door. As for the lady in the window, well she looks as if she has seen the carnival quite a few times in her lifetime, and had no need nor intention to leave her house with the view she had, not sure out of the two of them which is the oldest!

 Stevie and Poppy were happy despite the rain and although Poppy wanted to see elephants and the odd lion would have been good, didn't seem to show any disapproval  that there weren't.

It's still raining
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