Monday, November 28, 2011

Ok Where is it?

A friend of mine mentioned that she was having a lot of pain in her elbow, and we both agreed that it could be Tennis Elbow, last year I suffered for weeks with it till I got a tension bandage which I then wore for about 6 weeks till it healed itself.

My task therefore was simple, find the bandage and give to said friend. The cupboard with medical bits and bobs would be a good start. Opened the door and there was the box, fantastic I can give her this tomorrow opened the box and dam thing was empty grrr. So where is it then? I can tell you this much I have spent several hours now looking for this bandage and if I ever do find it I think I will shake it till it begs for mercy. (Yes I do know they don’t have any feelings it will just make me feel better).

Ok so now I know I have 35 drawers and 17 cupboards in my house and although I am still sore with the missing bandage it has remained well and truly missing. I have now cleared most of the drawers and cupboards out and filled 3 bin bags with the following, 3 pairs of broken glasses, video cassettes (do you remember them) odd gloves that are probably in cahoots with the bandage and I know that if I throw them out the other ones will appear!
Well I don’t care it's out of here along with broken elastic bands, dead batteries, dried up ink, recipes hastily written on scrap paper (I kept these just moved them to the recipe book, see I am learning already) what else, broken rubbers (erasers to my American friends been there got the t-shirt) 4 hose connectors three packs of 2004 seeds, a jigsaw with missing pieces (yes probably with the bandage and odd glove). Several uninteresting keys that don’t fit anything in my house, where I got them from beats me!
Handful of pre decimal coins, half burnt candles, did I really think that I was going to melt them all down one day! 2007 diary, screwdriver, relief cream (not quite the relief I am looking for today) Blistex if your really must know! purple ballon, a trolley token, a few buttons a tube of Schmuck -Kleber glue.

Feeling pleased as now I have tidy drawers again, but I wonder how long it will take to fill them back up again. Please tell me you have drawers the same as mine! Oh well she will have to go buy her own bandage, it was the thought that counts :) wasn't it:)


Victoria said...

I only have three drawers in the kitchen, I live in a very small townhouse. Wish I had a junk drawer, but yours sounds about right. I loved it when I had one, because you never knew what you might find :) Now I have to put everything where it belongs which is not to bad since all my kids are grown and moved out I have less 'junk' accumulating.

Krishenka said...

My clearing out seems to have promted my DH to do the same he is ploughing through maps and well where will this all end I ask myself. We could be living in a tidy house soon at this rate. Then again I still need to sort out my craft area it is a disaster zone.

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