Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dalton Ghetti Amazing Pencil Carvings

This morning the lovely Mercedes from DigitalCSEtsy tweeted me. I have not seen her for awhile as I think we are on different time zones, anyway I decided to see what she has been getting up to and checked her christmas blog and Zazzle and somehowI nded up on Pinterest!. I don't know now which one took me too where I found this amazing work from Dalton Ghetti.  The original blog post showing his work is by Narineh Mardirosian which she did last year. I might just never have seen Dalton's work had Mercedes not tweeted me when she did, thanks for that and for letting me find this........


Dalton began learning how to handle tools at the young age of 6 when at school in Brazil, he and the other students used either a razor blade or a pocket knife to sharpen their pencils for drawing and writing.
Also, his mother was a seamstress. When Dalton was 8 years old, she taught him how to use a sewing needle to help her with simple projects like hemming and sewing buttons. At the age of 9, his parents gave him a set of metal tools for children, which he used to make his own boxes, toys and go-carts. This is also the age when he began sculpting with knives, chisels and a hammer. Ever since, he has created many objects out of all kinds of materials.

At first, he carved large objects; but in 1986, as a challenge to himself and because of his interest in small living things, like plants (moss) and insects (spiders and ants), he decided to create the smallest possible carvings that he could see with his naked eyes. One day, he picked up a working pencil and started carving it.  You can read his full Biography here This is Dalton's memorial to the 9-11 and I dare you read this and not get a lump in your throat. It took him 10 years to finish this project and I was deeply moved by his gesture of pure love.


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Adaptable Kay said...

Oh wow...I can honestly say I've never seen anything like that before in my life!

That's truly incredible-Who would have thought to just start carving like that one day?

Definitely a unique artist for sure :)

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