Friday, November 18, 2011

The Big Meet

Well last Friday ( hard to believe a week has already passed) I flew to Grenoble to meet Londi  from LondiCreations  before she heads of to New Zealand next month. We have known each other on line for almost 4 years and felt we had to meet at least once and Grenoble is a lot more accessable than NZ!

Seems very fitting that Londi just happened to be wearing an official Marshall Top (only amusing if you know that it happens to be my surname)
She took me to Domaine de Vizille which is now a museum, we strolled in the gardens and there is 10 hectares of it, beautifully maintained  and zillions of roses not out at this time of year but I can imagine how it will look, box hedges shaped into pyramids, even the pure white swans were very friendly especially if you had some bread in your hand, which I didn't but............
I suppose I could have taken this bread as an offering but as it was burnt to a crisp I thought they  might not appreciate it. Had Londi and I seen the smoke billowing out of her kitchen we might have managed to rescue it! Still she cooked a fabulous Spag Bol which happily did not burn.

The interior was breathtaking and it we must have spent a good 2 hours walking round, we were both exausted when we came out as there is so much to take in. Interior click on this link to see why we were blown away with this.
I was at the birth of this little beauty and watched Londi create it which was a real treat for me, she hand paints most of the embellishements and her attention to detail and colours as you can see are wonderful.

Thank you so much londi for your fabulous hospitality and friendship. I am so glad I came to see you.
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