Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where Have you Been all my Life....

Once a month my mama would say “Ok girls time for the windows” and we would all groan, “Not again” out came the vinegar and newspaper and we would get started and if there was a smear they had to be done again till they sparkled, never mind if your fingers turned into wrinkled prunes and your arms ached from rubbing.
 Then along came windolene and we got marginally excited to try out something new, the excitement didn’t last long though as it took just as long as the vinegar treatment and I never liked the smell or the pink dust that got everywhere but then I never liked the vinegar pong either, in fact just plain hated cleaning windows.

Forty odd years on and I still loath the job! Enter Karcher WV50, visiting a friend last week who was armed with a small yellow device and a broad grin went on to show me how within minutes her windows were certainly to my mama’s standards and totally effortless.
Did I buy one? You bet I did and it is fantastic, if I have a negative it is minor and Karcher could address in minutes. The small spray bottle that comes with it falls over and won’t stand up and doesn’t hold much liquid, so I ditched it and found a bigger bottle which their top fitted. The tank to collect the dirty water has a plug closure and a tiny hole to get rid of the water and as the instructions tell you to rinse out the tank when finished, easier said than done as the hole is as I said is tiny, so I just use a funnel to stop the water getting to the rechargeable point.

All in all for €59 it is worth even penny and I have cleaned my shower, tiles, car windows, pictures, tv screen, even my computer. It comes with a fairly large scrapper and I have just ordered the smaller one. My mama would have loved this.

Ps Karcher did not pay me for this review but if they want to they can send me a cheque anytime


Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

With all the solutions and gadgets out there, my mom relies on the old school vinegar and newspaper, too o.O

I never really liked it because it doesn't LOOK like it's clean while in the process, but afterwords (if you do it right) it does get clean.

Regardless, I'm with you on this one; I HATE cleaning windows!

Malea said...

Cleaning windows is awful, although I do subscribe to the newspaper and vinegar method, but am not hardcore about finger prints.

I practically never do our windows because we are in a 3rd floor apartment - really 4th floor because of the basement that is actually partially above ground. I can't actually wash the outside top half of any of my windows. :/ So, why bother at all, right? :)

Chrissie Marshall said...

Well girls I can now say that I am actually looking forward to cleaning my windows now! well perhaps not quite looking forward but without the usual groan. Malea you have the best excuse ever not to do the top half outside:)

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