Friday, July 13, 2012

How to Dye Happily

 You might remember me showing you a picture of the Indigo blue dye above which I bought when I was in Morocco (Essaouira) earlier this year.  
It’s a stunning intense blue and harvested from the sea snail called Hexaplex trunculus. Just trips of the tongue that one, don’t you think? Well I have wanted to try the dye out since May and yesterday morning I decided today was the day. I had no idea as to how much powder to put in so I just chucked a goodly amount in and threw some salt in whilst I was at it and left it to simmer away for an hour or so to do its own thing, I just love messing about with natural dyes despite having no real idea what I am doing and without any immediate plans on what to do with it when finished. 

It just fascinates me watching the dyes transform, this one reminds me of batik work or as my girlfriend suggested (tongue in cheek) the Turin Shroud.

 I think as the linen is old and has probably been washed hundreds of times some areas are more worn than others and yet the linen does not look in the slightest way worn, so will remain a mystery. Any way thought I would let you see how it turned out.

 Well I can see why now the thought of the Turin Shroud popped into my friends head! So I have saved the remaining mixture for another day, will it keep and for how long, time will tell no doubt. If I could have I would have brought all the gorgeous colours back. 

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