Wednesday, July 18, 2012

From Tehran Sealed With .....

I think it is true to say that at some stage we have all experienced sending out mail and it seems to just vaporise never to be seen again, and on the other hand never receiving mail that also just seemed to have vaporised, and you are left wondering why, where and how it happens. Well today explains part of the reason but not the how. I guess it is just a cock-up somewhere along the line but with very annoying and costly repercussions for some more than others.
Today I received a white polypropylene sack addressed to me,the sack was sealed with a metal disc and had come from Tehran. 

It was so heavy I wondered if it was an early birthday present, and of course I wanted to know what was inside and more who it was from as I don’t believe I know anyone in Tehran. Well after opening it and tipping out the contents, I was shall we say totally gob-smacked to say the least!  A mixture of 59 letters, parcels, postcards, statements, bills etc. tumbled out at my feet and looking through them at least I found one addressed to me.
There are parcels dating from 5th May, and several from June and a couple from July. Destinations include New Zealand, France, UK, Iran and Algeria. Now, I would like to know how all of them got stuck in a bag and shipped off to Tehran and back, and why did they pick me to send them all back too!  My last name may be Marshall and perhaps they thought a Marshall would be a safe bet, more than likely though my parcel was sitting on the top of the pile and they thought oh, she’ll do so let’s just get rid of them. Gee thanks for that. So I will have to now go to the post tomorrow and drop them off in the hope that they will finally reach their destination. This ever happened to you?

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