Friday, May 24, 2013

Come What May

Have to say not the best May weather wise I have experienced here in the South of France, in fact it has to be the wettest, coldest in the 15 years that I have lived here, the fire is still on and I am sitting here with  a big polo necked jumper and thick socks. My mind is telling me it should be t-shirt weather, sitting on the patio putting the world to rights over a few glasses, perhaps a BBQ  and watching the sunset. Still the birds are singing their little heads of and the garden is blooming and everything is very green and lush, and I really should not complain. 

I  managed to get a little gardening in and discovered one of my white roses has a tinge of pink which is really quite interesting.

Picked our first crop of green beans
Made these little kimono slippers for my girlfriends baby due soon

Now these are quite something else they remind me of chicks hatching and although I have no recollection of planting these have found their common name is Sicilian Honey Lily and if you are feeling brave try saying this  Nectarscordium Siculum.  The bees adore these and I love the way they hang upside down.

What else, oh yes I got these fabulous vintage scissors at a car boot sale a couple of weeks ago and they are still remarkable sharp which surprised me.
This allium called Mount Everest given to me by my daughter, and  I have to say I was very sceptical at first but the plant opened and is quite beautiful, next year I hope to have a few more.
I had a custom order last week for a Ring Warming Ceremony pouch, and as I had never heard of this ceremony let alone made a pouch for one.  I googled it to find out a bit more about it, and for the ceremony the rings are placed in the pouch  and are passed around  the wedding guests and they then say a prayer/blessing and then it winds its way to the groom, kind of sweet, this is what I came up with and hope she likes it.

So May although wet, cold, dull and grey wasn't so bad after all, but please summer come soon.
Have a great weekend xx


Carol Dent said...

Exactly the same for us in Limousin! We do expect more rain than you, but this is ridiculous! We came here 11 years ago, and it was the same then - my OH thinks it's sun-spot activity, which happens every 11 years, and which was the cause of the rain 11 years ago...

Mary Lindsay said...

We had a great day sitting on our deck with friends yesterday having a few drinks and a garden salad, the sun was blistering and all was well, however earlier in the morning although sunny was really quite bitter.

Love this update of your garden and the wedding pouch is lovely. Mary x

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