Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Sad Week

Well it's hard to believe that the kids have been here a week already, how time flies and all that. As you can see their car was full to the brim including their two cats, who have settled really well.
We have had a week of highs and lows the high, their arrival, my husbands birthday and then we received the sad news that we had lost Stew who was only 32 years old and had been fighting cancer for 6 years. So bizare to have all these emotions swimming around at the same time.

The kids made papi and me a beautiful card for our birthday's and we have hung it on the door till it's my turn next week.

 Poppy & Stevie mixing up a dough  and Stevie made a monster face and a house,and Poppy made a catpig as she called it, mmh and yes I had a go too, mine is the snake and the basket, popped them in the oven to dry and then they painted them which kept them entertained for a good 30 minutes.

I bought two bubbles wands,  but unbeknown to me it  was going to create a mini war between them, I got two different coloured ones (I thought that made sense)!!  Wrong!!!!  meanwhile the Zebra's escaped to have a well deserved snooze after  being dragged into the bubble war and used as lethal weapons, I think Poppy won.
Finally time for  little angels  bedtime, now the big ones can relax till morning, this is when we can finally go ahhh  who's getting the drinks in!!!

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