Monday, September 27, 2010

On The Darkside by "Mimulux"

Avatar's  are powerful little creatures, and when I saw the one shown  above the other day on twitter I just had to find out just what laid behind it, one click and I was immediatley transported into this amazing lady's work and I want to share it with you. The following is minu's own words and so I will leave you to decide for yourself if you want to open the door into her wonderful world of the "Darkside"

I was born in the USA.. but grew up in europe and africa.. later on I lived in asia, returned to europe and here again lived in various countries. now I live in the south of hungary and love it!

I am ‘varied’… and so is my art. photomanipulation, digital paintings, fractals, photography.. I love it all.. I use it all… my main style of art.. or rather my recurring theme though is the dark side… the dark side of life.. of living.. of situations .. of people.. places.

I have lived through many dark moments… from having a very severe form of a phobia, nearly losing my life in a car accident, abuse both physical and mental., but I pulled through it all and came out a stronger person .. to me all these incidents were lessons to be learned, negative things that also have their positive sides from which I could benefit in my personal growth.

I am a happy person though.. I am optimistic, but also realistic. I love living.. I love people.. I love life.. perhaps because I have been given the gift to create art.. to re-create and thus rid myself of those dark and sinister moments in my life.

Music has also played a big role in my life, always has and always will. music is energy, medicine, living, breathing,


I highly recommend that you go and check out more of her amazing work here

Having experienced some terrifiying momentsin her life, she has not only survived but come through them and is stronger for it. I have exchanged emails with  Mimu and find her to be a very warm and caring person. I can only say Mimu I for one am delighted to have had the chance to discover your work. Thank you. xx
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