Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Recovering

Well Stevie and Poppy arrived for the weekend, and were more than ready to release their energy on anything and everyone who was within a three mile radius of them. I was going to take them to a grotto near here until I discovered that it was closed for the season :( (this seems to be happening a lot to me  lately)! Still the arrival of 4.9 tonnes of wood made an impact and they were very happy to help with the the stacking of it.

Following day we did face  painting always a winner. Stevie wanted to be a chocolate dog and Poppy wanted to be a black and yellow Zebra but with pink spots! who am I to argue and I am no artist but tried my best and Stevie 4, looked about 12 with his face painted and Poppy  2 looked about 8 I was more facinated by that than the finished result.
With several more hours left to entertain a trip to the park was needed and they did the usual stuff kids do at a park, at least I got a chance to sit down for a few minutes.

I decided not to take any pictures off them whilst they were eating their dinner
 for more reaons than I could possibly  list!

The following day we went off to a car boot sale and they managed to find a few goodies to take home with them, fishing nets, ( the fishing nets will be used for them to catch grasshoppers to feed their abandoned owl at home) a huge bag of mini men (mum will be so pleased ) a talking computer  and a doll.
Poppy about to go into a sulk as her brother Stevie was amusing himself and refused to let her near  his newfound pinball game, she very quickly recovered and very soon found a little talking computer and was happy again.

I am not a lover of MacDonalds but have to hand it to them when it comes to entertaining  kids they win hands down, we passed a good 1.5 hours there and apart from Poppy getting stuck on the stairs and me having to crawl throught the tunnels to bring her out which was not easy and  amused several people around us, always pleased to help!

So finally it was time to take them home but have to say they were great fun to have around, it's hard work and I had almost forgotton what it was like to have little ones around 24/24 but I tell you what I won't ever forget again.

Till the next time
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