Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Button Pin Art by Ran Hwang

Ran Hwang created amazing button and pin art by sticking pins through buttons thousands of times, and then organizes them into the shape of a massive bird on a wall. Each image requires the hammering of thousands of pins with buttons into a wall. No glue is used. The buttons can move or fall at any time. However, the work is only completed after the bird is surrounded, naturally, by a cage.

“My immense wall installations are extremely time consuming and repetitive manual work,” says Hwang. “This is a form of meditative practice that helps me find my inner peace. Pins are used to hold buttons onto the surface to form a silhouetted image, or to disintegrate such image. No adhesive is used so the buttons are free to stay and move, which implies the genetic human tendency to be irresolute. I use buttons because they are common and ordinary, like the existence of human beings”.
"By hammering thousands of pins onto a wall, I discover significance of existence,” she adds”. Like the monks practicing Zen facing the wall, my work is a form of performance that leads to finding oneself.” Hwang graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and has exhibited her work in New York, Paris and Seoul”.

Article written by Shan Tara 2009

I think these are stunning pieces of work and wanted to share them with you, what patience and skill to achieve such amazing works of art.


Mary Lindsay said...

Wow ! These are amazing and so full of movement

Adaptable Kay said...

What an incredible and soulful artist she is! Just reading what she has to say about her button art...She's truly an incredible human being.

And her work is downright awe inspiring!

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