Monday, September 9, 2013

Krishenka's Going on Vacation Sale 25% off all my little Treasures

I have had holidays before but never for as long as a month.... go retirement there are benefits :) As I have never closed my Etsy shop and am now going through a dilema as to what I should do, several friends have suggested to leave it open and some suggest close it. I have given this a lot of thought and have finally decided to close when I am away. My first reason for doing this is, that if I purchased an item and them found out I had to wait a month + delivery time I don't think I would be so happy and secondly I want to relax and enjoy my holiday and not worry about it. So here is my plan I am going to have a sale for the first time ever on my blog, if it works great but if not.. nothing ventured nothing gained etc etc...

Now how do I do this? I really dont know and am making this up as I go along. Rather than flood the page with items to show you (might add a just a couple). I was thinking that if I offered a 25% discount on any items from my shop and leave you to go and have a wee browse for yourself. You can use the code "VacationSale2013" to recieve the automatic discount.
Linen & Silk Lavender

Mother of Pearl Button Ring

Blue Seersucker Silk Kimono booties

Toile de Jouy Apron

That will do for now and thank you for popping in. 
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