Friday, January 31, 2014

4 Hours Cycling in Keoladeo National Park India

This place was just fabulous, a former duck-hunting reserve of the Maharajas till the mid 70's.We hired a couple of bikes and spent four hours bumbling along the paths. My biggest disappointment of the day was my pictures as the day before I was very rudely relieved of my beloved camera on the metro, and so had to go and buy another which I found a nightmare to use at the beginning. Still I got a couple of semi decent pictures, if you ever find yourself in this area of India you should definitely visit this park, hire a bike but  make sure you have a cushion to sit on, a camera you know how to use, otherwise you will have crap pictures and a 3 day butt ache afterwards.

  this area was covered in algae magical to see
  There is a big lizard if you look closely
  These painted storks were so beautiful and huge
 The trees in the distance are filled with Painted Storks
Time for reflection and resting a sore behind
Another magic reflection
 Look how many ducks were shot sorry bagged

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