Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Folding Art

This is a lovely story regarding how a young man started his business. Wouter  Hinssen  was searching for a special birthday gift for his girlfriend, when he stumbled upon an  image of a folded book.  He then gave himself a mission to create such a book for her birthday. How romantic is that?
After a few weeks he figured out a method to create patterns and folded these patterns into a book. He then got really into it and received a lot of positive remarks from people that he knew, also from his girlfriend, who was absolutely psyched about the folded book.

He then decided to share his newfound hobby with the rest of the world. He created his own website  and a few weeks later opened his Etsy-shop. The reason why he is not only selling folded book art but also the patterns is that he wanted other people to experience the thrill it will give them when they create their own folded book.

If you are interested in creating your own folded book art, or would like to have  an original and unique item in your home as decoration, then please take a look in his shop.  You can also ask Wouter to make a custom order for you. He is currently offering a 15% discount on his website using the code "15OFF"

Wouter on Face Book


Wouter Hinssen said...

Thank you so much for sharing my work on your blog :)

Chrissie Marshall said...

Absolute pleasure Wouter

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