Friday, February 14, 2014

Nana they're not Pink!

 My granddaughter Poppy will be moving soon and she will have her own bedroom, as she loves cats I thought I would maker her a few, well I did and but they had no faces and they looked very boring and characterless.

I gave them red eyes at first and they all  looked as if they had severe hangovers so I unpicked and did black ones with whiskers.
They dont stand up so I made a few circles on a few so they could sit on a shelf, I looked for a small box to sit them in but have not found anything suitable yet.
then I thought maybe they would look good hanging, a mummy cat and kitten, some I filled with lavender and some with rose petals and a few with just the poly fiber.
 Mummy cat below looked shocked that I could even think of unpicking her eyes so I left her well alone and she thinks she is purrfect!

I should have checked first with Poppy!!! yes they are lovely Nana but they're not PINK!!!  


Mary Lindsay said...

Don't you just love them !!

Chrissie Marshall said...

Would that be the grand kids or the cats Mary? lol xx

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