Thursday, May 29, 2014

When you find you have some Extra Time

Well it has been an interesting week to say the least. The sun was shining (for a change) and I was listening to the radio and then silence! my radio is wireless so if the internet goes down so does the radio. Later discovered that the guy who was cutting the grass verges didn't see the Marker Post and chopped the top off and sliced through all the cables that connect us to the Internet and telephone.  It made me realise just how much we rely on the internet and it was a shock as to how much I missed being able to google a new recipe, add a picture, check my facebook, my Etsy shop etc.

I would say that for me a normal day using the internet I would spend a good two hours a day, so I now had that extra time on my hands so I decided to make good use of it while I could. I started with defragging and cleaning up my computer, even cleaned the screen and keypad. Spent a long time sorting out pictures (been meaning to do this for months). Then we were told that it could be a week before we were going to be connected again. So for me it meant that apart from popping to a friends house with my laptop to check my mails etc which took me less than 15min I turned back to crafting as I dont need internet for that (thankfully)

Made a couple of journals

 I finally made myself a thread catcher after the casters on my chair almost succeeded in catapulting me across the room when I tried to move my chair as they were chock a block with threads and hair (threads I can understand but where did the hair come from)? and I spent longer trying to remove all the threads from the casters than it did to make the catcher, so no more blocked casters and hopefully I wont ever have to clean the ruddy things out again.
Playing with lace and made a set of earrings, also made a black  pair.
Made this sachet for a little girl called Olivia and it will be in the post tomorrow

Made a few more bee and swallow sachets up as they sold the other day (yay) 

This for me was the best make though a dress for my grand daughter Poppy from a pair of old curtains. So for the 3 days that I was offline I felt that I made good use of my extra time (approx 6 hours) and fully intend to try and spend less time on the net.... time will tell but I am working on it. How long on average would you say you spent daily on the net?


Mary Lindsay said...

It's amazing what we can do when the pesky internet falls silent and Boy!! Have you been busy, your grand daughters dress is lovely as is the sachets I particularly love the Swallows. Well done Chrissie, you have put me to shame. xx M

Chrissie Marshall said...

Thanks Mary and yes internet is a real time thief but I do feel more in control and do spend less time than before, it was a real eye opener as to how much time I spent each day. Glad you like the swallows they are very cute and I loved making Poppy's dress, been a long time since I made clothes xx

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