Thursday, March 12, 2015


After seeing an advert on TV where a woman was taking a bubble bath and had a glass of bubbly. My  granddaughter Poppy said to her mum how much she would love to do that (they don't have their bath fitted yet).. Both Poppy and Stevie came over to stay for the weekend and my daughter told me  the story about the bath. So I ran one for her and tied her hair up and added loads of bubbles, when she was settled I gave her a glass of bubbly and she squealed "Nana how did you know I wanted to do this"  I told her I read her mind when she arrived, she just smiled and tasted the bubbly and said "yuk that's horrible. She was a little prune when I finally got her out but she got her wish and was a happy bunny.
Later she was sitting on her papis knee and she asked him "Papi what did you do before" before what Poppy, he asked?  before you got old.... this still makes me chuckle.


Mary Lindsay said...

Lovely story, lovely Poppy, lovely Gran. xx M

Krishenkas Treasures said...

Thanks Mary ..

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