Saturday, August 22, 2015

Taking the Old Girl Out

We decided to take the old girl out (our vintage camper) for a run out as she has just past her M.O.T. and I mean just!!!! She is 27 years young, so we were delighted and  had in our minds to head for Aubrac but on route found ourselves in a small village called Muret Le Chateau. We stopped and decided to have a walk round the village and wow what a fabulous happy little place. Outside houses, under via ducts and on balconies, various figures which looked like they were made from paper mache were dotted throughout  the village. Not a soul to be seen though to ask what they were all about. Have since tried to find some information but failed.  We then moved on to Villecomtal where we spent a couple of nights but will tell you about that later. xx 

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