Monday, February 29, 2016

Revamping an Armchair - Patchwork

Decided to have a change  of seating in my lounge, have had an Ikea Nikkala 3 seater sofa for a few years and it is only me who sits/lies on it and so have decided to get rid of it and put a couple of chairs instead. Searched the net for some ideas and didn't see anything I fancied. I posted on a local Face Book group that I was looking for a couple of armchairs and I found one. As you can see it was desperate for a new cover.

I can't tell you a lie I screamed like a banshee when I put my hand down the side of the chair to see what gifts had been deposited over the years, I felt something soft and squishy and pulled out the  rubber spider, of course I launched it across the room  (wouldn't you?) I also found 20cents and a few empty sweet papers.
 I found this lovely Jacquard patchwork fabric locally and decided to have a go. I then got cracking and stripped the entire chair (took me a good 6 hours) and was able to use the original pieces as a template.

I made sure I marked all the pieces so I would know how to put it back together again. Next time I will take more pictures as I think it would help to use them as a reference.  Took me another two days to finish but here it is and have to say I am more than pleased with it. Can't wait to find another old chair.
Meanwhile my fingers are enjoying not being bashed by the hammer (lost count of how many times I missed hitting the tacks) and I have filed my poor broken nails.


MaryE said...

This has turned out fantastic and really neat and tidy - you must have done this before. xx Mary

Krishenkas Treasures said...

Done a couple before this one but minus the piping (that was the hard bit Mary)

Adaptable Kay said...

Oh WOW! You are SO talented at upholstering! Seriously I wish you lived closer because we have an unsightly chair that is in desperate need of a new fabric. Love the new chair and fabric choice though :)

BTW I probably would have freaked out at that spider, too!

Krishenkas Treasures said...

Why don't you give it a go Kayla, just take lots of pics so you can see how it goes back together again and use the cover as a template. I would love to recover it for you all the same had I been a tad closer. Send me a picture of the chair when you get a chance. Appreciate your comments xxx

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