Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bringing Back the Retro Look

A friend asked me if I wanted four retro dining chairs (about 2 years ago now) and I fell in love  with them  despite them having disgusting red fabric) so I of course said "Yes please". They have been stored away waiting patiently for a makeover. Last week if you remember I recovered an old armchair (the red patchwork one) and while I was buying the fabric my eye fell on a multi coloured delicious fabric and just knew I had found the fabric for the chairs. So here they are and after the big arm chair makeover these were a breeze to do.  

Last seat

I love the way the back falls below the seat
all done

Sorry for the colour variation but this is pretty close.

My daughter popped over with a Desigual dress she bought  for €1 and it was to small for her much to her annoyance, so she left it with me along with the words " I know you will do something with it" so I decided to  turn it into a bag for her. The back inside of the dress was a perfect fit for a pocket which you can see I popped onto the front of the bag, the sleeves became the handles and the sash round the waist became a bow.   See you soon.

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