Saturday, March 12, 2016

Fibre Doodling

Mid morning and I am sewing (no surprises there then) when I managed to  knock (well more swipe) my thread catcher of the table and as I bent down to pick it up it flipped over and yip all the threads plopped out. I was quite mesmerised with all the colours and thought to myself that it must be time for a fibre doodle. Have not done this very often (does it show)? Still here is how I made  the fibre heart.
Took a piece of cotton and scattered a few bits of lace and fabric pieces on to it
then placed a piece of Water Soluble on top
 stitched round all edges and then  went for free motion stitching
 soaked in water for 10 minutes and left it to dry, then cut out the heart shapes
 tada and not even sure if I like this but certainly used up my scrap threads

This is my Jean Jeanie bag I was sewing when the thread fell out and well the rest is history.
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