Thursday, May 12, 2016

It may be Misty in the Tarn but even

7.30am, it is pleasantly warm, misty and damp this morning and  I love seeing leaves shining with the morning dew dripping. I know the sun will be shining later today but we are also due a storm later, so I had a stroll round the garden to see what's been happening overnight. I wasn't disappointed  either. xx

 My Sambucus  Nigra Black Lace is starting to flower
 such tiny petals
 My hosta is untouched this year, partly because I have raised it so high the snails don't stand a chance of getting to it.
 I was given a Lemon Tree as a New Years gift and little lemons are on there way, look forward to adding  a few slices to my Vodka & Tonic later in the year.
 Nature is amazing just look at the detail on this rose, wish you could smell it.

 I think this is a fairy washing line and they even left a peg, wonder if i disturbed them

I have forgotten the name of this tree :(


Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

You have such a stunningly beautiful garden I can just imagine waking up early to stroll through it. I bet the beauty and fresh air start your day off right every time :) Thank you for sharing some of the magic with us!

Chrissie Marshall said...

It does take up some time but have to say all worth it, no stroll this morning though Kayla, the heavens have opened up, good job I have plenty of things to do inside today. Have a happy weekend xxx

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