Thursday, May 12, 2016

It may be Misty in the Tarn but even

7.30am, it is pleasantly warm, misty and damp this morning and  I love seeing leaves shining with the morning dew dripping. I know the sun will be shining later today but we are also due a storm later, so I had a stroll round the garden to see what's been happening overnight. I wasn't disappointed  either. xx

 My Sambucus  Nigra Black Lace is starting to flower
 such tiny petals
 My hosta is untouched this year, partly because I have raised it so high the snails don't stand a chance of getting to it.
 I was given a Lemon Tree as a New Years gift and little lemons are on there way, look forward to adding  a few slices to my Vodka & Tonic later in the year.
 Nature is amazing just look at the detail on this rose, wish you could smell it.

 I think this is a fairy washing line and they even left a peg, wonder if i disturbed them

I have forgotten the name of this tree :(
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