Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What's not to love about Totes

Last week I bought a few calico tote bags and decided to pop over to Graphic Fairies to snap some gorgeous transfers. I did try to use an ordinary iron for this but ended up scorching the fabric and made a real hash of it. Luckily for me a friend has a heat transfer gizmo and kindly let me borrow it for awhile (going to be hard giving this machine back as it is fantastic), easy to use and produces a fabulous finished print. Now to list them.......

 French Carte Postal
 Snowy Owls
 Speaks for itself
 French Typography Butterfly

Vintage Fashiion plate

 More Chicks and Roosters
Retro Butterfly & Roses Linen


MaryE said...

Wow, these look wonderful Chrissie. xx M

Adaptable Kay said...

We have a TON of reusable bags and totes around the house and do our best to use them when we actually remember. LOL

I'm in love with all the totes you created! My favorite is the Owls of course <3

Krishenkas Treasures said...

Thank you girls

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