Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Le Bon Pain de Margot

Decided to go and spend the night here in  Villeneuve d'Aveyron in our old camper as there was a Medievil Fair along with other various activities. We ended up spending 2 nights as there was so much going on a one night stop would not do it justice.

In 1073, Raoul de Tarente had a church and a monastery built on the causse to respect the will of his father, Odil de Morlhon. Margot, widow of a companion mason, kneaded and baked bread for the workmen. For Thomassin, the prime contractor, raising a semicircular vault, like that of Jerusalem, represents a major technical challenge.
In addition, Gaspard, the pilgrim, announces very bad news: the road to Jerusalem is cut off. 
Will the vow of Odil be fulfilled? Will the devil prevent the construction of the abbey and the rescue?
For all those who hope to find in this new city the bread of each day, with peace and security,
the stakes are high.
Fabulous stage production and the sound effects were brilliant, the square was 
filled with the sounds of horses galloping and whinnying in battle making it a a great spectacle.

A brilliant stage production, in full sun must have been hard going for them
Margot with her good bread
The smell from these was mouth watering
Kids trying their hand at Caligraphy
Story teller and she was pretty good with the sword too
Missed the last parade as I was so hot had to go and have a beer....

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