Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Talk about a Challenge!

On being asked if I could recover six chairs I of course said "Probably" little did I know that when they arrived three would be in pieces, still as I do love a challenge I set to and slowly managed to put them back together. All the webbing had to be replaced and one seat looked like it had a cannon ball dropped through it. Small pieces were missing and I had to layer up with wood putty and then smooth it down to match the chair shape, I enjoyed that. But the hard bit was matching the colour and on one chair I was not totally successful, nevertheless not a bad match. The first lot of fabric my client choose arrived and the minute I touched it I knew it was not linen (sold as Linen but was in fact polyester) so after a lot of emails with the seller I managed to get a full refund and went on the search again and found this lovely  Toile de Jouy linen with country scenes. Phew is all I can say but overall I am pleased. Judging by the last photo on here so was the client. Now you know where I have been last couple of months.


 Getting the dowels and old screw out was interesting to say the least

 Was a bit like doing a large jigsaw
 New dowels now to refill
 The cannon ball seat 
More glue  needed
This picture though made my day :)


Janet Langman said...

They have a new lease of life!!

Krishenkas Treasures said...

I believe they do Janet and guess what? so do I :)

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