Sunday, September 13, 2020

Searching for the History of a Bisque Socket Head Dolly Faced Doll - Armand Marseille

The owner of this doll was born in  South of France in 1897 and her name was Charlotte Timbert.  So lets say Charlotte would be 4 or 5 when she was given the doll that would take us to 1901 or 1902.  So when was the doll made? 

I am thinking perhaps any time from 1885 when 
Armand Marseille started  producing  these dolls  up till the 1950's but the jointed bodies were bought in from I believe Germany

Her grandson is a neighbour of mine and  a few weeks ago he came across a box in his attic and this little lady was inside. She is an a bit of a state as you can see

She has real hair  and her eyes are gorgeous too, with  the cutest little rosebud mouth and that dimple don't you just love her?

Gorgeous little boned Corset with tiny glass buttons to which I assume a skirt would have been attached. Sadly no clothes were found  in the box.
Corset was made by Maison Miege Corsets

The little shoes are leather but one is badly damaged and they are tied with ribbon and one shoe has a tiny pompom. Socks are still intact.

Back of her head is marked with DEP 8, there is a smiggin of a label but nothing to be seen there..  She is also in need of  a good hair do and some dental work!

If you have any information that would help me identify her that would be great. I am trying to find out what clothes she would have worn, all takes time but little by little.


Pinkflorentina said...

Hi. A real treasure. I’d contact the V&A and ask who their expert on dolls is. They have a wealth of experts and I’m sure you get some excellent assistance. Good luck

Krishenkas Treasures said...

Thank you for that Pink will give it a go

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