Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dyeing Eggs with Silk

I saw a video showing how to dye eggs with silk and my daughter and I decided to give it a go, fortunately she has chickens and so provided the white eggs we needed, had a few pieces of patterned silk to hand so had all we needed to start. One of the silk pieces dominated the other eggs and they all turned out with a pinkish hue to them but the overall effect was pretty good. If you want to try it for yourself then here is the link to the Video. We also made an Easter tree using a few branches from a twisted willow.
I am pretty excited as we are off to Seville for a week so wish you all a Happy Easter and see you soon. If you do the eggs let me know how they turned out. xxx


Mary Lindsay said...

How fantastic are the eggs, I guess some dye came out of the silk when you boiled them. They look really great. Have a lovely time in Seville where there's an awful lot of oranges. Have a lovely Easter. xx M

Mary Mac said...

I have seen this video and looks like so much fun to try. Have a great time in Seville, I have heard how beautiful it is.

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