Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring in Seville

I have wanted to go to Seville for many years and last week my dream came true. What an amazing city bursting with  life and energy, and being spring all the Jasmine, Orange blossom, bougainvillea were throwing out perfume in abundance. We were to stay for 7 days but got caught up in and Air Traffic Control strike, our flights were cancelled and we had to wait another 3 days to get home which at first did not please us one bit I can tell you, but you then resign yourself and make the most of it which we did...
Visiting the Maria Lusia Park is a must if you visit Seville, the park stretches along the Guadalquivir  River and is  home to many  monuments, ponds and fountains.

This one below is of the three ages of womanhood being my  absolute favourite monument in the park, stare at it long enough and you can almost see their dresses flutter in the breeze.

You could literary spend hours in this park just strolling, listening to the birdsong, watching the parrots and breathing in the scent from the Orange blossom or you could take a horse and carriage ride round the park.

The park also houses the Museum of Arts & Traditions which blew me away with the lace and embroidered work displayed. The lace is behind glass hence the not so brilliant photos.

The Plaza de Espana  which is right next to the Maria Lusia  park is a landmark example of the Renaissance Revival style in Spanish architecture. Breathtakingly beautiful, the tiles alone are just exquisite.

As for our poor feet they are in dire need of some tender loving care as we averaged about 10 klms walking every day. If you have ever been tempted to visit Seville then all I can say is go for it and take a good pair of walking shoes.
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