Monday, April 20, 2015

Box Hedge Caterpillars...

Talking with my girlfriend the other day I happened to mention that I was more than sad to see that my box hedging seemed to have been badly scorched while we were away for a few days, I know it was hot but they have never shown any problem of drying out before. Have a closer look she told me as I bet you will find caterpillars on them. 
She was right if I had my glasses on the first time I looked I might have spotted them. The  Box Hedge Moth is indeed  the culprit.

I spent hours picking them off with tweezers and I kid you not picked over 1,000 the picture above is about the third of the amount collected. I have now sprayed the plants and will be watching very closely to see what happens over the next day or so.. There is a good chance that I may save my hedges but only time will tell. Have a look at this link for treatment.
Box Hedge Caterpillar .Treatment.

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