Friday, April 17, 2015

Madam Picasso

A friend lent me a book called Madame Picasso and so I took it with me on holiday to Seville, it amused me that I was reading this book only to discover that Picasso was born in Malaga approximately 200 klms from where I was sitting reading it. I really enjoyed the book although found it a bit over romantisied  in parts but it left me wanting more information on Eva Gouel and  Fernande Olivier which thanks to the internet my appetite was sated. But it didn't stop there!

I saw the above  poster and his cheeky face made me want to go see this exhibition also because Picasso was menetioned, so the following day  headed off to go have a look. I was not disappointed works by artists as Diego de Siloe, Luis de Vargas, Murillo, Joaquin Dominguez Becquer, and of course Pablo Picasso.

I have to admit that only the name Picasso and Murillo was known to me and to be frank Picasso's style doesn't do much for me...  when I came across Francisco de Zurbarans art it took my breath away he is primarily know for his religious paintings which depict nuns, monks and martyrs, his still-lifes are truly exquisite.

  1. So all that because I took Madame Picasso to Spain with me, and I have my lovely girlfriend to thank for this journey and I got a little culture inside me xx....

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