Monday, May 23, 2011

All Aboard choo choo

Perfect day yesterday as the weather turned cooler decided to take the little ones to the Minature Trains in Gailliac.  Kids absoulutley loved it and we spent a good hour going round as  it covers approx. 200m2. 1kl of track and 20 or more different trains and over  200 hundred wagons.

It was like a watching  a ballet as it is so well orchestrated that all the  trains can run simultaneously. They had  automatic barriers, and all the sounds of  the trains and whistles, a  beautifully built  model church with a wedding taking place:) houses being constructed, and lots more. As in reality the TGV have their own  lane. An old telephone exchange cabinet was recycled to manage all automation with  hundreds of electrical relays switches.  The guy running it looked up as we entered and beamed at us and then ran over to his control box and you could tell he was having great fun.

On the way  home we happened on a  Vide Grenier  (attic sale) and the kids  decided that they would like to have the face masks. Stevie choose the miserable clown and Poppy the miserable old man and I think they are truly horrible ( the face masks that is)!!!!! Was good fun
Lots more pictures on their site if you want to see some more

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