Saturday, May 7, 2011

Helicopter,Tree Frog, Glass of Wine & a Peony Rose

On discovering the above picture on the grand kids bedroom wall. I asked Stevie (4) "Did you draw the helicopter on the wall"? his reply, "No Nana and it's a boat"!! classic what a great response. I had to leave the room quickly as my sides were hurting trying not to laugh. I have not yet washed or painted it over  as it still makes me smile, piloted by the handsome Jack Skelliton by the looks of it.

Meanwhile on my daily mission in searching for snails on my hosta, it took me a few minutes to see this little fella who obliged me by waiting till I went and fetched the camera and then he sat up nicely for the pose.

This morning I was rewarded by the peony rose's opening and basking in the sun.
Finally, the other night as I was having a glass of wine, the sun filtered through the stem and created an amazing image through the glass, so after taking a picture. I then played with it in photo shop, looks like some wierd bubbling cocktail! and I think I might have had one glass to many!

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