Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tarte Tartin Worth Weighting For!!

If you are on a diet then don't even look at this or you will gain a kilo instantly! Invented by two French sister's called, yes you guessed Tartin. Seemingly one of the sisters was making an apple pie and left it in the oven to long and it burnt and so to salvage it she turned it upside down and the Tarte Tatin was invented.
Such an easy cake to make so if you want to impress your family try this you won't regret it (well you might as I said if your on a diet as one piece is not enough).
I cheat with the pastry as I buy it ready made and it is cut into a perfect circle. This recipe comes from the Jamie Oliver Cook Book "Jamie Does.. Spain,Italy,Morocco, Greece and France"

 I am not sure that I am within my rights to post the recipe here so till I find out I will leave it out. Sorry!but the pictures are mine. Well did a little search and here it is

Meanwhile thought you might like to see my attempt at making bread. I killed the yeast as my water was to warm and as it looks like a carp fish, so I added a couple of buttons to cheer him up a bit.

So, my DH has taken over the bread making (my cunning plan worked) :) and  made a Ciabatta with green olives, delicious, congratulations sweetheart you got the job xxx

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