Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time to Sloe Down

Just last week popped into see a friend (waves to Lavada) and we got to talking about sloe gin amongst other things,  she then told me they were ready to pick! no way I thought, they are not ready till end of September or even October. So off we went with basket in hand and low and behold not only was she right they were massed. Picked quite a few and got a few scratches into the bargain, they can be nasty little blighters. It's been awhile since I made it and so I had to go check my recipe again. It suggested that you buy a litre bottle of gin and drink half of it and then your ready to start!

Well I am not falling for that one again as the last time I tried that particular recipe I passed out well before I got to the part of pricking the sloes all over!

So armed with experience I poured half a litre into another bottle, have to admit could not face standing there and pricking each individual sloe, so I cheated and cut them (time will tell if this was a good or bad thing). Plopped them one by one into the bottle until it almost reached the neck (the bottle's not mine)  and then added 150g of sugar, cap on and a good shake and were off.
Shake once a day for a week and then once a month, and by December it should be ready to drink. If you like it sweeter than add a little more sugar.

The bottle above was given to me by friends in Dec 2005 and it's still delicious, they got very clever and made their own labels to add an extra little touch.  Beautiful colour don't you think. Cheers Lavada xx

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