Friday, September 16, 2011

I Just Had to Play with My Goodie Bag

Yesterday I was given not one but two large bags full of beautiful gold raw silk made by James Hare, burgundy, ruby red, cream and baby blue slub silk and ooddles of beautiful cream and ivory lace. At the bottom of one of the bags I found a mountain of shoe clips. All this gorgeous treasure belonged to a friend of mine who ran her own bridal shop in the 80's and due to a house move decided that I was the one to receive the bounty. Whoo whoo am I the lucky one.

Yesterday I spent hours playing with all these goodies and my brain went into melt down and I could not decide what to make or even where to start, and with what, Shish! Today though has been a little better and I am trying to focus on one thing at a time. Meanwhile nothing else is getting done but I don't really care, housework can go take a hike for the moment.

So my first atttempt was these lace rosette shoe clips. Then I made a few pom pom type flowers out of the gold silk and finally a pair of chocolate bows which are perfect for a certain pair of shoes if I can only find them!

So, I wish you all a happy weekend and see you soon.
Me again just to let you see the lace ones:) Thanks Sue for showing me how to make these gorgeous little bows:)

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