Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Christina Nixon Cole -- Glass Blower on Etsy

Browsing etsy with a mind to making a bubble treasury I stumbled upon Christina Nixon Cole's shop where she has a lovely range of glass items. I would love to try my hand at this one day and thought it would be fun to let you see some of her work and find out a little more about Christina at the same time. Wish I lived closer to San Diego area so I could pop in and try my hand  mouth at this facinating process. Hope you enjoy it. Now where was I oh yes bubbles!!

Just after High School, Christina Nixon started her journey of glass beadmaking, also known as lampworking. Starting with an introductory class at a local bead store, in 1996, she soon advanced to working in her own home studio and assisting well known lampwork artists at bead shows and art schools. Starting in 2000, she has taught her own classes at art galleries, home studios, and at the Bead Expo. Christina's passion for beads has taken her all over the states and to Murano, Italy to take an advanced lampworking class in 2001. She has an AA in Art, Jewelry Design. In addition to her glass beadmaking skills, she enjoys silversmithing and fabricating her take on the traditional Italian style Micro Mosaics. Christina’s diverse designs are greatly influenced by ancient, historical and cultural design motifs. She uses her beads in unique jewelry and functional household objects, such as tableware handles, cabinet or canister knobs, wine stoppers and wall hook knobs. You can see more in her shop ChristinaNixon


Anonymous said...

This is very nice of you to post this. Very well done, and I thank you.

Christina Nixon Cole

Krishenkas Treasures said...

Your very welcome Christina

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