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*****Vicki Diane Designs***** Feature Interview

Last year  Annuk Creations did a feature interview with the vibrant Vicki Diane, it summed her up so perfectly that all I have changed are the pictures of Vicki's fabulous creations. If you have not encountered Vicki before, well you are in for a real treat. As a thank you to my readers Vicki will be offering you a 20% discount on any item in her shop just use the code Vicki2011 at the checkout.
Thanks Annuk and Vicki

Who doesn't know Vicki Diane on Etsy? Who doesn't know her "Non Stop Rotation Of ARTISTS EXPOSED"? Vicki is a wonderful and sparkling personality, she puts an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm into promoting other artists, she adores animals and... she is a talented jewelry designer. This multi-talented lady has been traveling the world as a pianist and singer, she paints with a passion and she creates fab jewelry under her own brand Vicki Diane Designs! She is based in beautiful Andalucia, Spain, where she creates her "sexy, bold & funique" jewelry. Even before knowing her personally, I was fascinated by the incredible passion for life and her work that shines through her Profile. Then I got to know a really sweet person and a lovely friend!! And a wonderful mixed media jewelry artist!

Vicki is the Captain of Artist Exposed Treasury Team, and a  memeber of Etsy Mentors SAS (Sellers assisting sellers),  Handmade Harbour, On Fire For Handmade, VintageJunkies1, Luna Essence's Arts and Crafts World Expo Team and Etsy Promo Love. 
Vicki passionately loves life and color! In her own words, she is "in LOVE with life, colour, music and art". Art truly is in her genes, even her photography and the names of her pieces are art in themselves. Her sign? A Libra... what else :)?? Here she shares her artistic journey and her adventurous life with us! 

I was born in London, England to wonderful parents, who both were very gifted musically. My father was a successful film director and my mum, a nurse and great pianist, therefore my creativity was inside me from the very first *SLAP* !
I started singing, dancing and acting from a very early age. My inspiration was my father, who was then in partnership with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. although dad sadly died when I was only nine from TB. I attended drama school a while, but hate rules and regulations, and left to do cabaret in London, until I was able to leave the cold wet UK and set off for the Bahamas on a whim (being the daring *free spirit* that I remain ), where I lived and worked - playing piano and singing the blues and show music there for 5 years.
This kick started my love of the exotic seas and skies, hot yellow suns and vibrant breathtaking sunsets. Spoiled I became as I travelled the (warmer parts) of the globe... Jamaica, Florida, the Greek Islands, a year in the Arab Emirates - the list goes on....

I now have lived for 12 and a half years between the Mediterranean -gorgeous Southern Spain- for about 10 months of the year, and have a home in North West England, where I spend a couple of summer months. There, the contrast is green and lush as opposed to the white sands and craggy proud mountains of Andalucia.
 I started playing around making jewellery when I used to go back to London in between contracts, and sold in the infamous Camden Market and The Laines in Brighton, where I realized I could sell my pieces - ALL of 23 years ago. They were then VERY over the top and not quite as honed as they are now :) It was a great self taught gradual learning (by mistakes) process culminating in my selling here in Spain at Fashion Shows and to the shops plus I have invited jewelry parties and a fabulous loyal clientele.
I also paint when I have time (which is hardly ever :( and spent years painting people's animals and portraits which I REALLY enjoyed :D)
My favorite colors are ANY animal print (if that counts ), and red, black and gold combinations.  

I love animals with a passion and have been on safari in Kenya and must have got the addiction from there.... Unfortunately I travel too much to be able to have any pets which saddens me so :(
I create in an outdoor patio covered area which overlooks fountains and the sea which is about 20 metres away.
I simply LOVE what I do and can only imagine that I would be MORE happy if I was ABLE to stay away from the computer so much, but I love promoting artists through my ARTISTS EXPOSED Treasury's in the wonderful world of Etsy. More sales would be FABulous too :P)  
Thank you dear Vicki for this gorgeous interview and for sharing your exciting world! Your passion for life and your work really shines through your words! We wish you lots of fun and continuing success with your work and your life!

You can find Vicki's bold and passionate jewelry in her Etsy shop Vicki Diane Designs
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