Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Behind The Showcase Sterling Silver Stud Earrings Giveaway

Who doesn't love a success story and I for one am delighted to see Huiyi achieving her dream. I am
also thrilled that she felt I played a small part in helping her on her way. Picture below shows a pair of gorgeous little sterling silver Teardrop Studs which Huiyi has sponsored for this giveaway valued at $30 inc. postage worldwide. I am using Rafflecopter again so good luck to all who enter, and now Huiyi has a little story to tell you.......

Hello my name is Huiyi  pronoucned "Hway Yee" a Cantonese name which means "a kind girl" (blush blush:)

After finishing my degree to become an interior designer I then went on to study jewellery design at the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, after my graduation I then moved to the states. I felt lost in the commercial world and went back to interior design for a living but always felt there was something missing and this needed to be corrected. At the beginning of 2010 I came back to the UK, and it was whist waiting for my documents to be approved I decided to make something fun and something I liked. My first “Pencil Lover” collection was born but as I had only sold two items over a two year period,  I felt my confidence beginning to slip away.

Luckily for me I met Krishenka aka Christine who was also selling on Etsy, she was very patient with me and gave me lots of help & encouragement whilst I was learning how to stand up, just like a newborn. How time flies and here we are now in 2012 and after working very hard for the past two years I now have 180 items in my Etsy shop and have sold 1,368 items. Last month a set of my sterling silver earring studs was featured on the US TV CBS channel show called “Fashion Matters”.

It was another fantastic encouragement to my career. Looking back, all the hard work was worthwhile and I love what I am doing now and am planning many more new designs in the near future. I am delighted that Krishenka and I still keep in touch and I hope that whoever wins my set of teardrop earrings will enjoy wearing them for many years to come.

As an extra special treat for you I am offering free worldwide shipping using this code at the checkout "KrishenkaShipping" till the 31st Oct.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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