Friday, September 28, 2012

If I kept a Diary... This weeks Entry

You know when you have a few days or sometimes weeks where you are not in control of events! well this week has been one of them and if I kept a diary this is how it would read.

Sunday.... Removed a baby deer from a friends swimming pool  which had drowned due to the cover being broken.

Monday.... Said my farewells to my Aunty B (not my real aunt but as close as one can get) and brought  home her kitten of 3 months, called her Bea and hopefully she will be good company for my other cat Dylan.

Tuesday...... Receive the news that Aunty B has passed.

Wednesday..... Crematorium at 2pm, never known a funeral to be arranged so fast

Thursday.... Family get together which Aunty B would have approved off immensely

Friday.... Went to go shopping to discover my 4 year old cat Dylan lying dead at the gates and had been hit by a car. We live in the country and at a guess I would say no more than 12 cars pass here daily, but then it only takes one.

So I am hoping  for a very quiet and uneventful weekend and look forward to a brighter next week.

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