Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Inspiration... Can Hit You When You Least Expect it!!!

I don't know about you but often I find myself with moments of "I don't know what I will make today" and if I have a day like that I end up making nothing, starting and stopping with a variety of things but never quite finishing and that used to frustrate me. Now, if I start something and don't finish it's because I don't see the finished item and so I have to walk away and that's fine, and probably how I manage to cook, clean and get a few household chores done!!!  But I thought I would tell you about how the items below came  to me.
Today I went to visit a friend and she was showing me her wedding outfit for her son's wedding in  Oct 2013! (now that's what I call forward planning). Her hat was gorgeous and I am not going to describe it in detail (in fear of letting the cat out of the bag to a certain person) but suffice to say that I came home and the hat must have provoked a childhood memory where my mother showed me how to make these lavender pin cushion hats.
I read a book a while back and one paragraph stayed with me, it described a girl walking along an avenue of wisteria which was drooping over an arch and swaying over a lollipop fence, as she looked at the point where the sky met the arch and fence she saw a heart shape. Now, I have had a heart shaped pendant for a long time and until the other day never quite worked out what to do with it and I guess the comb is now my lollipop fence:)
 These lace cuffs are another example, as I was finishing a silk hair bow for a wedding and had some lace on my work table. I placed the finished bow on top of the lace and  that's when I saw the cuffs. I did finish the bows first though and then set off to make a few sets of cuffs and now so far 3 brides have walked down the aisle with them.

This hair stick, if you read my one of my previous posts, came direct from the garden where I was weeding one day and a small branch fell onto a sage bush and I saw a hair stick, of course I immediately downed tools and made several in one sitting.

So that's me for the day and would love to hear what inspires you and what you made.
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