Sunday, April 28, 2013

Before you throw the Duvet Out

 I was given a  pink floral and lacy duvet cover, and as pink is not my favourite colour (not that I was ungrateful for the donation I might add)  it was dutifully washed, cut  into usable pieces and  put away till I got my head round as to what to do with it.  As it turned out that did  not take very long,  the first thing I made was some bunting for Poppy (my grand daughter's) new bedroom, seeing as she  loves pink, so 15 flags in all and I even used the lace that came with the original duvet cover, well would be rude not to really.

Then the The Great British Sewing Bee popped onto our screens and Poppy saw the smocked dress and said she loved it and could she have one!  I rummaged through my materials and finally came up with  some blue & lilac floral and a good match in a plain lilac. Poppy of course wanted a pink one, that at least should have been a good cue for me to remember the duvet! well it didn't, and now I am actually glad   my memory chose not to remind me, as this combination worked well together, and have to say Pops loves it and she does look cute in it.   I have no idea how long it is since I last  smocked and I had forgotten how much fun it is (once you get the tension right that is). Should I be worried that I keep forgetting things? 

Now back to the duvet cover, so far, bunting, 1 smocked dress, a little lavender sachet, and  I still have a  goodly amount left left. mmh... what else can I make? I do have a pouch bad ready cut out to stitch. So just before you decide to get rid  have a quick think again, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Have you  made anything with your duvet? please share would love to see your creations.
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