Sunday, April 24, 2016

Boumalne Dades

Back to Morocco and this time to the Dades Valley which we drove through last year and stopped at the first place we came to after driving through  Boumalne Village. The owner Ibrahim made us one of the best mint teas I have ever had and we told him that we would come back to the valley in 2016. Well we did just that and spent 10 days and had several fabulous walks, the longest was called La Piste de Boutaghar and was 12klm in total, it was hot but a lovely cool breeze made walking easy and we stopped to have to mint tea with a Berber family they also shared their freshly homemade bread which you then dipped in olive oil, really delicious  both bread and oil. Our accommodation was basic but very clean and the food was excellent. I could prattle on but I think the pictures will give you the gist of it. Will I go back again.... Yes  inshallah..... Thank you Chez Limni for such a great experience.

 Travelling in Style
 This bridge freaked me out as it was very narrow and wobbly, kept trying not to look at the water but couldn't help it. 
 Stork nest
 Fresh coconut
 Girl washing clothes

Mint tea with a Berber family, and fresh homemade bread dipped in olive oil

 Many Kasbahs now lay in ruins, very beautiful 
 range of scarves for sale at The Casscades de Ait Orroude
 Who could not love Poppies
Another ruin


Anonymous said...

What an incredible experience. My envy knows no bounds. That bridge would have attracted me far too much - no surprise there and those scarves! The colours just light up the world. I'm most struck by the local people. Their warmth and hospitality radiates from your account.
Till the next visit.....

MaryE said...

What a wonderful time you have in Morocco and as I have said before it is on my ‘to do’ list. I love your headscarf on the horse (??) very ‘ Florence of Arabia.’ Thanks for sharing your latest adventures. Shokran sadiq. Masalama. Mary

Krishenkas Treasures said...

That bridge still haunts me, I was told later that a 5 year old boy fell and was washed away and I had bad dreams that night, poor wee mite. Florence of Arabia hahaha Mary, Barakaloufic.

gutsycow said...

It looks like the perfect place for adventurous travellers, great photos

Krishenkas Treasures said...

Certainly a holiday that would not suit all but right up our street for sure.

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