Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A bit of Lamination

I love reading and have sometimes up to four books on the go, occasionally I find a book that needs my full attention and if it's hard going I may have to leave it for a while and find something lighter to read.  I truly dislike giving up on books. Anyway  I got so fed up with just having pieces of card or scraps of paper to mark my place, I decided to make some books markers that are not only cute but practical to boot. 

 Found these on graphicsfairy site and they are gorgeous

 These gorgeous Edwardian costumes from ArtCult on Etsy
 Again the same ones from Artcult but did them in what I can only describe as atmospheric black & white.
 This was an embroidery pattern I bought for a project and decided would be fun to make these up for a few creative friends
These I made for AimeBroiderie on Etsy, great idea for a little promotion
 Can't decide whether to add an eyelet & ribbon or leave as they are

Love the sepia tones
My first attempt with printing on candles, really fun to do, only burnt myself once (more than sufficient)
  tissue printed on candles 

 A  wee tartan Mouse Pin Cushion, nothing to do with lamination! Cute though

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