Monday, January 2, 2017

Peyriac de Mer Christmas Day 2016

We decided that for Christmas we were going to head of in our old camper, we choose Peyriac-de-Mer as a couple of friends of ours who stayed with us last summer spent a night there and loved it. We were not disappointed as the weather was glorious, blue skies and sunshine with a slight breeze, perfect for walking.
At Peyriac de Mer you can either keep on the boardwalks around the old salt pans  or take the longer, higher option around the ridge above the Etang de Doul, we did both.
 I was not expecting to see Flamingos in December, nor Pelicans neither of which I have seen in the flesh before. Although the flamingos were well back from the land the  fact that they were still pink made them more visible, and as we had binoculars managed to get a good look at them. We saw around 30 Pelicans and I never knew they were so graceful in flight.

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