Sunday, January 22, 2017

Secrets of Rose Cottage

On looking through some old paperwork I came across this news cutting.

This is going back to 1986 when I awoke one morning   to find a letter in my post box from my sister; on opening it I found a scrap of paper  (above if you click the picture it will enlarge for you to read) and nothing else in the envelope. When I read the article I had a good chuckle to myself and then never really gave it much thought except to note that it did state my then current address, must have been a misprint!.
Later that day I got a call from my mum who started by telling me how disappointed and how disgusted she was with me!  how could I do something like this! She went on and on and I could not get a word in edge ways so I ended up hanging up and immediately called my sister who had called my mum that morning to read out the said article. She also believed it was me in the article.😞

At first I was speechless and then was really upset that both my mother and sister thought that this was me!!!

As you can see the address is “Rose Cottage” and yes I did live there but I was 33 at the time not 51 as the article suggested (my sis and mum obviously missed this fact).

Turned out that there was another Rose Cottage at the other side of the village where this was going on.

I was forgiven but I stayed cross for awhile as you can imagine. Now I can have a good chuckle.

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