Monday, June 20, 2011

A Kind of Pottering Day

One thing I do love about May/June is all the wonderful aromas in the garden and the Catalpa tree with it's beautiful flowers which are approx. 3-6 cm across, trumpet shaped, white with yellow stripes and purple spots inside; they grow in clusters of 10-30 and the wonderful scents flow over you whislt sitting on the patio.
The Sambuca is just a mad rambling plant black with fabulous big saucer like flowers, no smell but great to look at, and I have heard that you can dip the flowers into a tempura batter and eat them. I did this with elderflower once and although ok have not tried it since.

My minature Iris ledgers were massed with flowers this year and I have had to remove a lot of them as they multiply and take over.

Lillies are always beautiful and if I can just catch the lily beetle before they start to lay there eggs I can save the plant, this year I lost 5 plants as I wasn't quick enough.

Lastly I have this pathetic larkspur which should be a metre high by now. I have only once managed to grow this successfully and if you know a secret on how to make them grow, then please tell me. The one and only time they succeeded they were massed with flowers and when cut and displayed in a vase lasted for almost three weeks and were stunning. I have bought 9 packets of seeds and this is what I got grrrr, still I will try again in September.

 Happy gardening


MadScientistsDesigns said...

Beautiful flowers! I would follow you also, but cannot find your Followers section. :-)

MadScientistsDesigns said...

Got it! It just took forever to load! :-)

Krishenka said...

sorry about that but delighted you found it :)

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Wow Chrissie, you have quite a green thumb! All your flowers are just gorgeous-I'm very impressed!

My favorites are the mini irises-They're so dainty and pretty xD

Krishenka said...

thanks Kayla execpt for the larkspur but one day wait and see. I am on a mission to make the little blighters grow one day:)

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