Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Krishenkas 12 Giveaway

I am looking for a further 11  7 6 items from anyone willing to take part in this fun and free giveaway. There will be one very lucky winner and they will receive all 12 items donated from hopefully all over the world and the value should be around €120 (true value will be added when all items are in place)

I will be donating one of my little treasures  and would like you to donate an item to the maximum value of €10 ( approx $15). When I have all 12 items I will  post them  along with your shop links.  So if interested please add your (listed item ) in the comment  box along with the value and I will then add it to the giveaway. Looking to start this around the mid July but really depends on if I can reach 12 by then. The donors will receive the mailing info of the winner and then ship direct to them.Thanks in advance and should be fun.


Once all 12 are in place I will post the giveaway along with the rules which will be simple and not time consuming.
 And we are off, thanks so much everyone and I will tidy all this up when we have a full house:)

1. Donated by:

Cherry Blossom Print
 2. Donated by:

Vintage Button ring

3. Donated by:

Zipper & Felt Earrings

4. Donated by:

House Door Hanger

5. Donated by:

Shot Glasses

6. Donated by

3 piece doll ensemble
7. Donated by: Your next



Krishenka said...

Hi Londi hope you can get in later and fabulous giveaways. Thanks so much

John Little said...

Hi Chrissie.
I'll donate a 4x6 print of this beautiful photo of cherry blossoms http://www.etsy.com/listing/76458419/.

Krishenka said...

Thank you so much John for your donation of such a beautiful print.I love cherry blossom.

londijer said...

Hi Chrissie!!

This will be a ton of fun & cant wait to see who wins! WOW what a great collection of items already! Look forward to the others that arrive and the promotion of this giveaway!


Krishenka said...

Thanks so much Londi for your beautiful donation and fingers crossed that I can find a few more to add to the list.

Krishenka said...

Struggling a bit to find a few more sponsers guys

Stacey Graves said...

Adding my lovely Fairy Fashion Doll outfit to your giveaway!


Krishenka said...

Thanks so much Stacey she is on with her friends above :)

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